Our activities

We shine a light on the positive aspects of superyachting, via content, PR, events and research.

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Positive stories

We produce original editorial content that champions the positive people, places and projects surrounding the superyachting good life. Our stories have already reached an audience of millions through targeted advertising.

Public relations

We are the first port of call for non-yachting press who want to cover the superyachting lifestyle. Our regularly updated press kit provides our extensive network of high-level journalists with key facts and figures, resulting in more positive stories.

Strategic events

We organise events to introduce potential owners to the superyachting lifestyle first-hand. Our events go beyond the brands and the boats, instead focusing on the qualitiesthat attract people to superyachting in the first place.

Market research

We are on a mission to learn more about our industry. Currently, we're conducting psychographic research into the reasons why our clients engage in superyachting. The results will be shared with
our partners.


Our key messages

These five messages lie at the heart of everything that we do:



Superyachting is a wholesome, family-oriented lifestyle for those who seek to maximise their quality of life.


Superyachts provide the freedom to explore the world in exceptional comfort.


Superyachts rely on skills and traditions that are often handed down over generations.


The superyacht industry is dedicated to improving the oceans and environment around us.

Economic benefit

The superyacht industry provides a significant economic benefit, from wealth redistribution to employment and onshore spending.

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Marketing strategy

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