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Positive stories

Our stories champion the positive people, places and projects surrounding the superyachting good life.

Behind every superyacht lies a story. We're on a mission to share these stories, offering a fresh take on the positive people, places and projects that surround the superyachting good life.

People and personalities lie at the heart of our content. We speak to the families who embark on pioneering adventures together by superyacht, we meet with the skilled craftsmen and women who work behind-the-scenes to enable these extraordinary voyages and we champion the inspirational individuals who are striving to improve the oceans and environment around us.

New audiences are drawn to our stories through regular email newsletters, social media advertising, search engine advertising and content syndication. This approach ensures that we are reaching new audiences, not just the same superyacht aficionados.



Positive stories: About

We divide our stories into the following five categories:


Friends and families on board

Superyachts are often seen as floating party venues where questionable behaviour takes place away from prying eyes. We offer a totally different perspective, highlighting the fact that yachts are great places for families and friends to spend time together.


Exploration and adventure

Yachts can take people to places they wouldn’t otherwise be able to go. We focus on the more intriguing and off-the-radar adventures, beyond the Côte d’Azur.

Positive stories: Programs


Celebrating skills and heritage

Yachts are often shown as enormous finished products - usually referred to by their size. Instead, we celebrate the under-reported traditions, skills and workmanship that come together to create a yacht.


Showcasing social & economic impact

We encourage and highlight the philanthropic ventures and sustainability projects within the yachting world that aim to improve the oceans and environment around us.


Sustainability & Innovation

We encourage and highlight the philanthropic ventures and sustainability projects within the yachting world that aim to improve the oceans and environment around us.

Humans of Yachting

People & personalities

Our first-person pieces champion the people and personalities behind the superyachting good life, from owners and enthusiasts to explorers and innovators.

Positive stories: Image

“Amen to the superyacht lifestyle. This is the best targeted advertising I have seen for a life I cannot afford but wish I could. I’ll keep saving.”

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Positive stories: Quote

Our imagery

The reputation of superyachting is being tarnished by imagery which has not evolved to keep pace with society. We still see images of girls on board in high heels, fully-dressed men surrounded by scantily-clad women, highly posed bikini shots – the list goes on.
Needless to say, we avoid all such imagery in favour of more realistic and gender-neutral photography.





Our voice and tone

We love superyachting but we’re not blind fanatics. We shine a light on the positive aspects, but we’re always honest. We’re not here to spin or sell, just amplify the good stuff. Retaining our credibility is crucial. We write for a new audience that is unfamiliar with the industry so we’re careful to not get too technical. Whilst superyachting is for the lucky few, we never use language that sounds elitist or snobby.

Positive stories: Projects
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