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Why we exist

Once upon a time, yachting was all about experiencing real freedom. To set sail was to embark on an adventure, and to celebrate life in comfort, surrounded by friends and family.

But then something changed.

Through misguided portrayal in the media and negative stereotyping, the real meaning of yachting got lost in the headlines. Superyachts turned into shallow status symbols. The entire industry is now suffering from poor representation on the global stage.

The Superyacht Life Foundation is here to turn the tide.


“The sordid world of superyachts.”
“Floating lairs for Bond villains.”
“Yachts purchased with stolen cash.”

These are just a few of the headlines that habitually plague our industry. Whether splashed on the front page of the New York Times or across the homepage of the Daily Mail, these stories are responsible for serious reputational damage. While other luxury goods enjoy healthy reputations, the superyacht world is more often clouded in bad press. We are seen as an industry without a conscience.


It’s time we asked ourselves: are we happy with the way our industry is represented on the global stage? 


Missed opportunities

In recent years, the number of ultra-wealthy individuals has steadily continued to grow, but superyacht ownership hasn’t grown at the same rate. 

Although this issue has been identified before, the response has been tepid. If the industry as a whole is affected, the industry as a whole should act. That’s where Superyacht Life steps in.