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Combining the efforts of an entire industry into one orchestrated campaign benefits everyone in the industry, even if they are competing in the same market. That’s why I would encourage everyone to get behind this collective marketing programme.


No single company can do this on its own. Our programme requires the support of a diverse group of like-minded organisations. Changing the perception of an industry is only possible when everyone bands together and successfully engages the growing target audience worldwide. This type of industry cooperation is not new and similar programmes have proven successful in other industries.


It’s important to note that this is a long-term strategy. The more partners we have, the more we can achieve. As each and every company in the industry will benefit, the responsibility of funding this programme should also be shared.


Join us and let's grow the industry together.

Carlos Vidueira 
Board President

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Partner benefits

Support your industry

Reinvest in the industry and help support its future growth.

Content library

Access to our exclusive library of content which can be used in your publications.

Client insights

Access to market research commissioned by The Superyacht Life Foundation.

Media outlook

Stay abreast of what non-yachting press are writing about superyachts with our monthly media summaries.

Priority leads

Be amongst the first to be contacted for story content and PR leads.

Direct line

Enjoy the benefits of a direct line with the Superyacht Life team.

Marketing advice

We can help you tailor your marketing to fit the Superyacht Life message and reach new audiences.

Leading company

Position your organisation as a forward-thinking company taking the lead to address an industry-wide issue.

Invitations for the events hosted by Superyacht Life, SBM Hotel deals and so on. Please get in touch to learn more. 


Our path to a thriving industry

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Join us

€100 or more

Individual contribution

Professionals working in the superyacht industry can make a financial contribution to help fund Superyacht Life's work.


Corporate partner (small)

Companies with fewer than 50 employees can join as corporate partners for an annual contribution of €2,750 per year.


Corporate partner (large)

Companies with 50 or more employees can join as corporate partners for an annual contribution of €10,500 per year.


Luxury partner

Bespoke partnerships can be developed with companies outside the industry.

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