Public relations

Getting our style of positive superyachting stories in the mainstream media.

There is a large amount of negatively-skewed press, while almost all positive superyachting coverage is about new models, launches and concepts. Conspicuously absent are positive superyachting experiences. That’s where we step in.

When funding allows, a key activity of ours will be getting positive superyachting stories published in the media. To make this happen, we will work closely with a PR agency with experience in both representing both entire industries and superyachting.


We’ll focus on high-end lifestyle and business publications, both print and online. The stories will be based on interviews and testimonials, on the experiences of ‘real’ people that our target group can identify with. Examples of such stories include family adventures, what it is like to explore the world from a superyacht, the art of yacht building, and sustainable innovations, as well as the economic benefits of the industry.

Image by Charisse Kenion

Press kit

Giving journalists the right story.

Our press kit provides key facts and figures for journalists, resulting in more factual, positive stories about our industry.


We proactively share our press kit with accredited media ahead of yacht shows. By providing journalists, especially those new to the industry, with the right facts, figures and trends to help them make sense of this extraordinary world, we encourage them to come to us for information and resources, resulting in more positive superyachting stories in the media.