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Market research

Exploring how our clients perceive, experience and interact with superyachting.

One of the first steps of marketing is understanding your audience and, in the superyachting industry, we pride ourselves on our close relationships with our clients. But how well do we really know the UHNWI that make up our black books? While we each have our own experiences as well as shared anecdotes, opinions and ideas, we don’t have any hard data to convert our conjecture into conclusions.

This isn’t surprising because good research comes at a cost – a cost that is often prohibitive for individual companies to undertake themselves. But that’s where Superyacht Life steps in. As a collective platform for the industry, costs can be shared between partners, with all who fund the research benefitting from the insights gained. 

In short, we want to better understand our clients, both existing and potential, so that we can optimise the customer journey of purchasing a yacht. With this knowledge, we can better serve our clients, attract more UHNWI to engage in superyachting and, ultimately, increase the profitability of our partners.

We look forward to sharing the results of this research with our partners later this year.

Image by Headway
Market research: About

What are the primary motivations for engaging in superyachting?

Is sustainability an important factor for clients?

Why do those with the abilities and means to engage in superyachting choose to not do so?

What does the ideal customer journey look like? For example, does it begin with chartering and include a world tour of the leading yacht shows?

Market research: List
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