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Tony Harris joins the Superyacht Life board

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to Tony Harris, the Superyacht Industry Ambassador of Informa Markets, as he joins The Superyacht Life Foundation board. Tony shares:

"The impact the yacht industry has globally is generally misunderstood, misrepresented and misconstrued. The reality of the economic impact, the technological advances, the ocean research projects & disaster relief are stories that are seldom told let alone heard.

Superyacht Life Foundation exists to amplify the stories of the positive impact the industry delivers for the hundreds of thousands of individuals and communities that benefit from the business of building and operating yachts around the world. Investing in the Superyacht Life Foundation will help to change the narrative to benefit the industry as a whole".

As a passionate sailor and having created and overseen some of the world’s most high-profile Superyacht regattas and events, we're sure that Tony and his unique insights invigorate our foundation and enhance the worldwide perception of superyachting. Welcome onboard!


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