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In many ways, storytelling is Superyacht Life’s forte. We use it to shine a light on all things positive within the world of superyachting – from the people to the places and projects. Through storytelling, we can bring out the emotional side of yachting – beyond the products, what is it about superyachting that motivates people to get out on the water? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer and reasons include:

  • The excitement of building a yacht – the multi-year process where a dream becomes a reality.

  • The platform that yachts provide for incredible experiences with family and friends.

  • The thrill of exploring the far corners of the world from the ultimate bubble of comfort.

  • The craftsmanship and beauty of yachts themselves, along with the prestige that comes with owning one.

  • The ability to make the world a better place through ownership, including, for example, supporting sustainability-focused foundations or organisations that empower yachts to help out following disasters.

  • And, of course, the economic impact that superyachting provides, from employment to onshore spending.

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An industry united by the water

A scan of activity across the industry shows a healthy increase in environmental initiatives.

Top five things to learn as a family on a charter yacht

From diving and cooking to sailing and wildlife spotting, the learning opportunities on board are truly impressive.

REV Ocean – much more than an expedition yacht

An update on an ambitious non-profit with a superyacht at its heart, and far more besides.

The pursuit of Excellence

For Boston-based businessman Herb Chambers, building a superyacht is just as enjoyable as enjoying the finished product.

Greening up yachting one shed at a time

The shipyards going the extra mile to ensure their own facilities are as sustainable as their yachts.

Superyachts and the economy of Australia and beyond

An influx of visiting yachts is bringing financial rewards to the southern hemisphere.

The calming power of the water

Dr Wallace J Nichols explains the concept of ‘blue mind’ and the emotional and physical benefits of being on a superyacht.

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