The Superyacht Report: The Path to Enlightenment

As part of The Superyacht Report's latest issue on the buyer journey, board member and secretary general Theo Hooning shared his advice for new clients entering the market.

We are an industry that takes market orientation to new levels. A new, custom build is a rare opportunity to truly shape a consumer good. If a client wants to make their journey into yachting as sustainable as possible, well, we’re an industry that can make that happen. Want an explorer that can take you to the far corners of the earth and beyond? We can do it. It’s important that clients realise that we are an industry capable of catering to any need that could be had on the water. From Sherpa to Luminosity to the A duo, we can do it all. The problem is, when the sky is the limit, deciding what those needs are is so much harder. My advice to a new client: take the time to understand what it is that you want out of yachting.

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